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    We’ll post here whatever we can find to hellp our neighbors connect to each other, to information and resources during this difficult time. Check the Latest News column.

From District 6 Officer Gillian

Hi! I hope you are ALL healthy and well.  Please see the [letter and] Press Release [below letter] from the Denver Police Department in relation to staying safe physically, mentally and emotionally during this time of increases stress and quarantine. During these challenged times, it is imperative that we take care of ourselves but more importantly, that we take care of each other. If you see a crime in progress, please call 911.  With more people home, our neighborhood watch should be in full effect with the incredibly increase of eyes and ears in our neighborhoods.  Also, please remember to be vigilant of the businesses that are closed.  When you are out for essential business, exercising or walking your dog, keep your social distancing and PLEASE make sure you to call 911 if you see suspicious activity in our nonessential retail locations.  If you have a business that is currently closed, we want to help provide signage to deter criminal activity at your place of business.  Remember that those who are considered “nonessential” are counting on the residents, remote security systems and the police department to keep watch while they can not be present. If we do this, we will be a good neighbor. In closing, please remember to stay home and only travel out of necessity.  We are all this together and will be on the other side shortly.  Please feel free to share this valuable information on your forums, internal communications and services for the homeless. Stay healthy and be well! Respectfully, Officer Theresa Gillian Denver Police Department 720.663.8203  Resources for Residents Experiencing Abuse in the Home  DENVER – These are challenging times, but the City and County of Denver is doing its part to ensure that those who find themselves in hard times have the help and access to the resources they need. This is especially true for those who live with an abusive partner. Regardless of the stay at home order, there continues to be resources and support for victims of domestic violence and child abuse. “Staying safe and healthy during this time isn’t just about washing your hands or physical distancing, it’s about ensuring that where we ‘stay at home’ is safe, too,” said Mayor Michael B. Hancock. “If you are housed with your abuser, you are allowed to leave to find a safe place to shelter. If you need help with that, there are resources for you.” There are simple ways to reduce the stress COVID-19 brings, such as, limiting the amount of news you watch or read, going for a walk while minding social distancing, playing a board game, reading a book, limiting anything that could alter your judgement, such as alcohol or marijuana, taking a timeout if things become too much, and many others ideas to help create a positive and safe place at home. A video from Mayor Hancock with a message about COVID-19 and home safety can be accessed by clicking here. Resources regarding domestic violence and child abuse: Denver Police services…

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March 23, 2020 Letter from the Colorado Department of Human Services: Hunger and Child Care

Request for Applications for the Colorado COVID-19 Emergency Hunger Relief Fund   Dear Partners,First off, I just want to say how incredibly impressed I am by the dedication, resilience and innovation that I am seeing in light of our current context. The news is sobering, but doesn’t highlight the incredible assets we have in our state, our people. As you know, we sent out a survey last week to try to understand the assets and needs of our network. You can read an assessment of the survey. Not surprisingly, one of the largest needs identified in the survey was needing additional financial resource. To that end, we have partnered with a number of local funders to respond to these needs, and are pleased to share that our Request for Applications for the Colorado COVID-19 Emergency Hunger Relief Fund is now live. More information in both English and Spanish, including the application, can be found on our website. Please note that the turnaround for this RFA is quick, with the first wave of applications due on Wednesday, March 25th at 5 p.m. in order to be part of this weeks’ funding cycle. The current plan is for the applications to open each week on Monday and close on Wednesday. We know that needs will continue to evolve and change, and we want to be as responsive as we are able. We are also working on addressing the remainder of the findings, including planning a webinar on emergency response structures with CDHS, helping understand what coalitions around the state are doing and sharing updates on state programs as they find flexibilities due to the current crisis. We will also be working to match assets with needs identified in the survey. Please feel free to contact me directly (303-974-8427) if we can be helpful to you and thank you again for everything you do. In partnership,Erin   Childcare Needs Survey Governor Polis called together a group of early childhood providers, advocacy groups, school districts and foundations to partner with the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) to establish a system of emergency child care centers for our emergency and essential workers — called the Colorado Emergency Child Care Collaborative. Many in the Blueprint partnership have expressed concerns about resources that can help their employees continue to work during this time.  If you or your organization is providing critical front-line response services, such as health professionals, health facilities staff, emergency responders, public safety, etc., the Collaborative would like to connect you to child care providers if your current provider is not able to continue service.    The Collaborative is surveying families to understand the need for these services and they are also identifying current and “emergency” providers. To register for this child care program, please open this Google Doc and click on the highlighted survey link, or dial 2-1-1 for additional information. Every effort will be made to match those who need care with a licensed facility near them that has available capacity to help. We are working to implement expanded subsidies and/or sliding scales for families who cannot afford child…

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Covid-19 epidemic resources: Food. Child care. Hunger relief. Information. Volunteer opps.

Below are a number of useful links, which we’ll try to keep updated: Volunteer (Colorado governor’s website) Donate (Colorado governor’s website) Connect (NextDoor) News (Denver Post) Free internet from Comcast for 2 months Denver Public Schools and CV-19 AARP (great information and resources for seniors here) Department of Labor and Employment (file for unemployment) Denver Rescue Mission Metro Care Ring Information on the Families First Coronavirus Act to help families in time of unemployment Information on the Defense Production Act that will suspend evictions  Information about your credit card payments and what credit card companies are doing to alleviate your burden IRS Coronavirus tax relief Hunger relief (updated March 23, 2020) Child care needs survey and resource (updated March 23, 2020)  

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Minutes from City Park West monthly meeting 3.18.2020

The 3.18 meeting was held on Zoom, an online meeting platform. For some reason, although the meeting was set up on Zoom to begin at 6, some folks logging in saw a 7 p.m. start time, so you might have logged on and been confused. We’ll try this again soon, get it to work for everyone, and may host more frequent meetings. In virtual attendance: Jo Untiedt, Janna Goodwin, Alyssa Knutson, Scott Holder, Brendan Cady In summary: While we’re still trying to paper the neighborhood with flyers about the East Central Area Plan, the timing is obviously bad now for neighbors to focus on non-urgent issues. Most of our meeting, we discussed how City Park West RNO might best help our local community in this global crisis. While Nextdoor provides community information and resources, we are concerned about shut-ins– e.g. the elderly and disabled– who are not tech-savvy. Those who may not know how to use social media, or who might have an ipad but not realize its full power (or know how to download health, safety, communication or even entertainment apps to help get through these trying times). We will post helpful links whenever we are made aware of them, and will also listen to those involved in coordinating volunteer efforts to learn how the City Park West RNO can be of service.

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This month’s virtual meeting will be on Zoom: March 18 at 6 p.m.

Join the City Park West meeting this month virtually. We can’t promise anything (this is all new) but we’re using Zoom and it ought to work. Log on at 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 18. On the agenda: Updates and local resources for coronavirus information and services; East Central Area Plan comments and timeline Here is the “Join” URL that makes it available to (I think) whoever signs on https://us04web.zoom.us/j/419104388   The software version we’re using is “Bacis” and will stop after 40 minutes. Folks will have to log back in using a new URL   https://us04web.zoom.us/j/914844653  

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New member invitation!

We need you! While our Facebook group indeed currently provides the service of facilitating communication among more than 1,700 neighbors, you might be surprised to learn that City Park West Neighborhood Association Facebook group participants are not de facto automatic members of the RNO! Our board hopes to grow formal CPWNA Association Membership by 1000% in 2020, thereby expanding our reach, our neighborhood voice and our effectiveness. Individuals, households and businesses all within the boundaries of City Park West are eligible for membership. Individual/household members signal their engagement in the neighborhood and enjoy great, new relationships and local networking capacity (and the occasional perk at a local shop, restaurant or pub). Individuals/households can join for a nominal $15. annual fee which allows us to produce and publicize neighborhood community-building and informative events, and to undertake fundraising for special projects. Those who cannot afford a paid membership may opt to join for free. Business Members ($25. annual fee) support the neighborhood, make themselves visible as interdependent upon local neighbors, and may post up to one special event or promotion a month on the CPWNA Facebook page. Business owners in CPWNA are also eligible for board membership. Members receive newsletters and e-mail notification of neighborhood events, initiatives and impacts; are eligible for board leadership, and may propose, chair or participate in special-interest committees ranging from historic preservation to homelessness; from transportation to the arts. For more information, click here.  

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