Minutes 12/18/17

Meeting agenda

  • RNO Renewal – Elizabeth will submit the form.
  • President and Board Assignment update – Mike Fatica to depart 10/18, incoming president tbd.  Elizabeth P. may be interim president if no President is identified.
  • Recruitment  – Each board member writes a post, post to Facebook and Nextdoor.  Put up flyers to engage.  “We want you”.  Brenden will drop off fliers.  4 posts, each week January.
  • Schedule 4 Facebook/Nextdoor.
    • Brenden (12/20)
    • Michael (1/5)
    • Elizabeth (1/17)
    • Nic Daubenmeir (1/26)
  • Mention the RNO, mention the meeting date, request attendance, request engagement


Minutes 1/26/17

These are the meeting minutes for the January, 26 2017 City Park West RNO board meeting.

  • Seth Willey resigned as Board President, thank you Seth!
  • Mike Fatica was nominated as Board President
  • Welcome Brendan Cady as Treasurer, replacing Mike Fatica
  • Group (re) agrees to hold regular monthly meetings.
  • Next meeting is at February 21st at 7:30 at Vine Street Pub.
  • Incoming treasurer reported on success of City Park West Cleanup event.  20 volunteers collected an equal number of large bags of garbage from our streets.
  • Outgoing Treasurer reported on incorporation status
  • Outgoing Treasurer reported on 5280 interview regarding city plans for aggregate neighborhood planning.
  • Group agrees to re-energize with neighborhood engagement via volunteer projects and community outreach.