September updates

IMG_1443September, 2018

Greetings! The CPW RNO board met at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at Thin Man/St. Mark’s Coffeehouse. In attendance were Mike Fatica, Janna Goodwin, Jo Untiedt, Allison Osborn, Patricia Chapman, Brendan Cady and Alyssa Knutsen.

Part of the discussion concerned the RNO itself, which is renewing its membership, reviewing its structure and status…and finding its legs. Key questions involve incorporation (or not), fiscal management and neighborhood/member representation in related, City-wide organizations and initiatives.

CPW President Mike Fatica and Board Member Jo Unteidt recently met with District 9 Councilman Albus Brooks, who (among other things) advised participation by CPW/RNO members in Inter Neighborhood Cooperation (INC).

  • INC represents 20 RNOs and can strengthen our neighborhood’s communication with the City. We do not currently have representation on that body. They meet on the second Saturday each month.

Councilman Brooks also recommended that CPW encourage neighbors to familiarize themselves with Denveright and the Sherman Street proposed rezoning/development (and its impact the corridor on Sherman from Colfax to 20th Street)– and to get involved.

  • CPW/RNO will plan a community meeting to discuss the proposed rezoning and development (TBA, in October; watch for info on Facebook and for a flyer in your mailbox).

Other topics included a follow-up on a Denver Post story about the mitigation of groundwater concerns at the site of the City Park Golf Course project.

  • A letter to the CPW RNO from Director of Public Information Nancy Kuhn, Denver Public Works, confirmed that testing at the site revealed levels of manganese in groundwater that were below allowed levels for drinking water but higher than allowed for release into storm sewers (so the water is now being filtered). Low levels of uranium were found which did not exceed allowable levels for drinking water or for filtration, so the only filtering being done is for manganese. No information contradicted that which was reported in the Denver Post article and there appears to be no cause for concern.

Topics the board has not entered into in-depth but which have been on the table included:

  • The I-70 redevelopment impact on York St and the surrounding areas—how traffic has been negatively impacted, and also the noise variance.
  • The proposed redesign of the Dustin Redd playground in City Park

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Sherman Street View Plane boundary

Did you know about the City Park View plane and the proposed modifications? The historic view plain was “Created to preserve the municipality’s unique heritage as a city of the plains at the foot of the Rocky Mountains”. It might be referenced in your home purchase documentation if you live in City Park West. Download the presentation below to learn more. 180911_Sherman Street North-CHUN-Presentation-Sm  

Minutes 12/18/17

Meeting agenda

  • RNO Renewal – Elizabeth will submit the form.
  • President and Board Assignment update – Mike Fatica to depart 10/18, incoming president tbd.  Elizabeth P. may be interim president if no President is identified.
  • Recruitment  – Each board member writes a post, post to Facebook and Nextdoor.  Put up flyers to engage.  “We want you”.  Brenden will drop off fliers.  4 posts, each week January.
  • Schedule 4 Facebook/Nextdoor.
    • Brenden (12/20)
    • Michael (1/5)
    • Elizabeth (1/17)
    • Nic Daubenmeir (1/26)
  • Mention the RNO, mention the meeting date, request attendance, request engagement


Minutes 1/26/17

These are the meeting minutes for the January, 26 2017 City Park West RNO board meeting.

  • Seth Willey resigned as Board President, thank you Seth!
  • Mike Fatica was nominated as Board President
  • Welcome Brendan Cady as Treasurer, replacing Mike Fatica
  • Group (re) agrees to hold regular monthly meetings.
  • Next meeting is at February 21st at 7:30 at Vine Street Pub.
  • Incoming treasurer reported on success of City Park West Cleanup event.  20 volunteers collected an equal number of large bags of garbage from our streets.
  • Outgoing Treasurer reported on incorporation status
  • Outgoing Treasurer reported on 5280 interview regarding city plans for aggregate neighborhood planning.
  • Group agrees to re-energize with neighborhood engagement via volunteer projects and community outreach.


Community Open House for City Park Golf Course Redesign

Community Open House Scheduled to Share Guidelines for City Park Golf Course Redesign World-class teams selected to compete for course redesign The City and County of Denver is hosting a public open house to share the guidelines driving the redesign of City Park Golf Course. These design guidelines were developed as part of an eight-month collaborative process with golfers, nearby residents and the wider community. A Request for Proposals (RFP) which includes design guidelines and requirements was released today to the three teams selected to compete for the redesign:

  • Landscapes Unlimited, LLC, with golf course architect/designer Robert Trent Jones II
  • Saunders Construction, Inc., with golf course architect/designer iCon Golf Studio
  • SEMA Construction, Inc., with golf course architect/designer Dye Designs

The project team will share the final design guidelines with the community in an informal, drop-in open house. Attendees will have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with the project team, get questions answered and review informational displays. WHAT:      City Park Golf Course Redesign Open House WHO:       The City and County of Denver WHEN:     Tuesday, January 31, 2017 (5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m) WHERE:   City Park Golf Course Clubhouse (2500 York St, Denver, CO 80205) City Park Golf Course will remain open through golf season 2017 and reopen in 2019. The redesign of the course is part of the city’s Platte to Park Hill: Stormwater Systems program. The program is taking a comprehensive approach to better protecting people and property north and east of downtown against flooding while improving water quality and enhancing public spaces. More information can be found at

Housing and Opportunities for People Everywhere

From the Mayor’s office, Thu, Jan 12, 2017 Friends – Serving those who are struggling to afford a home or those without any home at all is some of the hardest work we do. We know we can do better. One organization or entity cannot help solve for the housing needs our people have alone. We must do it together. That is why this past Monday, I launched the new Office of Housing and Opportunities for People Everywhere – or the Office of HOPE – and introduced Denver to our new director, Erik Soliván. Erik and HOPE will be embarking on a first-of-its-kind mission – creating a unified, forceful effort to help those who need a home, find a home. That means homes and support for those without them, homes for our workforce who are renting, and homes for our families and individuals looking to achieve home ownership, or working hard to stay in their homes. Erik comes to us from the Philadelphia Housing Authority. While there, he oversaw all multi-year housing plans across the spectrum from homelessness to home ownership, and also led efforts to revise and re-establish Philadelphia’s Blueprint Program to End Homelessness. With the new Office of HOPE and leadership, significant investment and a renewed vision, the city is keenly positioned to deliver more, quality housing choices to our people. Respectfully, Michael B. Hancock

Denver Selects World-Class Teams to Compete for Redesign of City Park Golf Course

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                            January 3, 2016 Nancy Kuhn 303-513-6046 Denver Parks and Recreation Cynthia Karvaski 303-819-0111 Denver Selects World-Class Teams to Compete for Redesign of City Park Golf Course Course will remain open through 2017 and will reopen in 2019   DENVER – The City and County of Denver today announced that three design-build contractor teams have been selected to submit proposals for the redesign of City Park Golf Course. The teams include some of the industry’s top golf course designers, engineers, architects and construction contractors that have the unique experience, knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of Denver’s golf community and the neighborhoods around City Park. The three teams chosen to submit proposals are: ·         Landscapes Unlimited, LLC, with golf course architect/designer Robert Trent Jones II ·         Saunders Construction, Inc., with golf course architect/designer Icon Golf Studio ·         SEMA Construction, Inc., with golf course architect/designer DYE Designs These three were selected from nine teams that responded to the city’s Request for Qualifications that was issued in October. The selection panel included city staff, community representatives and golf/technical experts. “City Park Golf Course is one of the city’s most beloved and enjoyable golf courses,” said Happy Haynes, Executive Director of Denver Parks and Recreation. “The talent and experience represented on these teams will ensure that City Park Golf Course continues to be one of Denver’s crown jewels for years to come.” A Request for Proposals (RFP) will be issued to the three teams in mid-January. The RFP will include guidelines and requirements that will drive the design of the course. In addition to input from the public, representatives of the neighborhoods around City Park Golf Course and the golf community participated in an eight-month, collaborative process to develop and inform many of the design guidelines that will be in the RFP. A community open house about the RFP will be held in late January or early February. The course will remain open through the 2017 golf season. The city will select the design-build contractor in the Spring of 2017, with construction expected to begin in late 2017. The course will reopen in 2019. The redesign of City Park Golf Course is part of the city’s Platte to Park Hill: Stormwater Systemsprogram. That program is taking a comprehensive approach to better protecting people and property north and east of downtown against flooding while improving water quality and enhancing public spaces. More information can be found at

Notice of City Park West RNO meeting March 2nd at 7:30 pm

Meet your District Attorney Candidates! Our March meeting will be on the 2nd at 7:30pm, 3014 East Colfax, Southside Bar and Grill. Topics discussed will include:

  • District Attorney candidates: Helen Morgan & Beth McCann, candidates for District Attorney
  • City Park Neighborhood Advisory Committee

Other Neighborhood Issues And next month, at the April Meeting… Storm Water Runoff Project – Platte to the Park Hill. Next month at our April meeting, organizers from the Storm Water Runoff project now under development will provide a presentation of their project. This plan directly affects the CPW neighborhood, and we encourage anyone to read up on what the city is planning, and to attend the presentation. They intend to make a decision very soon and the window for feedback is closing fast. More info here: Other exciting news in and around our neighborhood: News from Historic Denver on a solution for saving the historic Tavern Building on 17th Avenue: “The Tavern Building, and the adjacent one-story building to the west, is part of a series of streetcar commercial buildings that line this section of 17th Avenue. To preserve the exterior of the buildings and honor the existing street pattern and pedestrian experience, SLC has agreed to explore in good faith a site plan that pulls the new structure back from 17th, retaining the Tavern building and the most significant aspects of the adjacent one-story building, as well as the traditional scale of 17th Avenue. SLC can do this by shifting some of the units that would have been built along 17th by adjusting the zoning to allow for two more floor plates. However, it is important to note that even with these additional floor plates, the project will not exceed the current height limit set by the existing zoning, which is 110 ft at the northern portion of the site and 70 ft at the southern, 16th Street edge. A zoning change is only required to allow for the additional floor-plates, and would not result in additional maximum height. This means that what could have been an 8-story, 110 foot building at 17th will now be a 10-story, 110 foot building pulled back from 17th, stepping down to a six story, 70 foot building at 16th. Historic Denver supports this proposal and has entered into a legal agreement with SLC outlining the details. SLC and Historic Denver have further written and agreed to execute a second, even more detailed, Preservation Agreement that will protect the Tavern Building long into the future. The Preservation Agreement would take effect if the re-zoning solution is approved.” For more information: Denver Walks Supports City Funded Sidewalks 2,500 residents have signed the Denver Deserves Sidewalks petition, and 30 organizations have provided letters of support (see the full list on the WalkDenver website). By their estimate, it would cost residents $1.25 per linear feet of frontage annually, and the city would pick up the tab for sidewalk repairs. Here