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East Central Area Plan

The East Central Area Plan is part of the City of Denver’s comprehensive, city-wide initiative to transform streets and other public spaces, housing and transportation, with economic, community health and aesthetic goals. City Park West will be significantly impacted. The plan has been publicized and open for public comment. Outreach efforts have included a steering committee of community volunteers, presentations and events. Some residents of City Park West felt that this area’s residents needed more time to be apprised of the plan and to respond. The deadline for input was recently extended to March 31, 2020. The CPW RNO will work with the City on an upcoming presentation and Q&A (date and place TBA) and will post the City’s “Office Hours”– drop-in occasions when those who cannot attend the presentation might stop by and ask questions or voice concerns. Volunteers to flyer for these events are needed: contact us.

Read about the plan in depth here … or, for a shorter version (a draft of a slide show presentation derived from the May, 2019 steering committee meeting) click here: East Central Area Plan slideshow from Steering Committee webpage.

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