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  1. From Wikipedia 1/29/2019

    “City Park sat a mile away from the rest of Denver when it was first opened. Competing trolley companies took park-goers along the undeveloped roads into the park. The neighborhood developed around the park, starting with farmers and squatters who used the city ditch to irrigate their crops. It wasn’t until the start of the 20th century with better trolley connections that housing development occurred in force. The neighborhood includes East High School, a landmark built in 1925, which is Denver’s first high school (moved from downtown). The neighborhood also contains many historic brick residential buildings, including many Denver square style homes and several historic brick commercial structures, especially along Colfax Avenue.”

    When the City replaced the sewer lines in 2018, trolley tracks were uncovered and removed on 22nd

  2. Pearce-McAllister Cottage. 1880 Gaylord
    Denver County

    This circa 1900 brick house was designed by Frederick J. Sterner. Its gambrel roof is indicative of Dutch Colonial architecture. The house was a wedding present for Mr. and Mrs. Harold Pearce.
    The Pearce-McAllister Cottage in Denver is an example of the Dutch Colonial Revival style..

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