Zoning Issues

Sometimes, zoning issues arise and are of concern to neighbors. The RNO can be a resource and help amplify the community’s voice. The current CPW RNO process* for responding to zoning issues is:

  1. The RNO is notified by the City of zoning appeals or variances.
  2. The RNO contacts the owner and invites them and their agents to an open meeting with interested neighbors. A time, date and place for meeting are set and the City is notified.
  3. The RNO places the zoning change information and meeting details on their website, Facebook, Nextdoor and send an email to everyone on CPW email list.
  4. The RNO will attempt to notify neighbors within a one block radius.
  5. At the meeting, the owner provides summary and neighbors are provided time to ask questions.
  6. Minutes are taken at meeting and RNO collects attendee sheet with names, phone, address, email. A straw vote is taken and results are placed in the minutes.
  7. The RNO provides a cover letter, minutes, and sign in sheet to City and if anyone from the RNO Board is available they may attend the Zoning meeting, otherwise, this is emailed to the appropriate City staff.

*So long as the number of active appeals and variances do not overwhelm the RNO Board, this will continue to be the process. We encourage interested, active neighbors to join the RNO (you need not be a Board member unless you’re interested) to sit on the Zoning Committee. The more volunteers, the more able the RNO is to be responsive in a timely way.

Active Zoning Issues:

2123 Gaylord Street

2001 York Street

2101 Humboldt Street

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