• Covid-19 Info and Resources

    We’ll post here whatever we can find to help our neighbors connect to each other, to information and resources during this difficult time. Check the Latest News column.


We are you!  All residents/property owners in City Park West are eligible for general membership in the RNO. Activities of the City Park West Neighborhood Association (CPWNA) are directed by a volunteer board of officers and members-at-large, responsive to community needs and pressing issues. Board officers serve for a term of three years.

Our resources are those that can be raised through fundraising drives and special events.,.. and, most importantly, through memberships.

Membership fees are minimal (or can be voluntarily waived by individuals/households). Membership levels are: Free Individual/Household, Paid Individual/Household ($15/yr) and Paid Business ($25/yr). These minimal fees go towards helping us be the most effective, active organization we can be.

Given our commitment to connect and inform neighbors, act as a liason with the City, increase community participation, get information out, gather community input and be a voice for our diverse and growing neighborhood, there are some costs involved. A small, voluntary annual membership fee both signals your engagement, and helps support such things as outreach and volunteer recruitment, fundraising, hosting meetings and events, and other costs associated with keeping a nonprofit organization running.

Join now! Because you love City Park West… because you want to contribute to making our neighborhood as great as it can be… because you want a voice… because you want to understand more about how urban communities work, or about how our city government works… because you have a special interest and want to volunteer or start a subcommittee… because you have special skills, like volunteer recruitment or events, and want to pitch in. What do you have to do? As little or as much as you like. What can you do? Make a difference!

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