Notes from Wed. Feb. 20 police/crime meeting

At tonight’s City Park West Neighborhood Association meeting (Russell Pavilion, St. Joseph’s Hospital) twenty-five neighbors joined board members, Community Resource Officer Austen Munson and Lt. Tony Gallowa for a conversation about crime in the area. Officer Munson said that crime activity is up 60% (property crime) and 30% (people crime). One noted recent pattern is that someone will meet a buyer for a cell phone (a CraigsList transaction) and be attacked and robbed. Officers suggest any such exchanges happening at the police department: if you do a CraigsList exchange of property for money, do so even in the lobby of the PD. Concerns were voiced about increased activity, especially gunshots overheard, but also collections of bicycles chained to property around homeless encampments. Citizens can take photos of the bike caches and send to the police. (Also: make sure your own bike has a VIN number and that you know it). Officer Munson said to call 3-1-1 for non-urgent concerns. For urgent concerns (emergencies) call 9-1-1. Mainly people seem to want more information about the nature of criminal activities and what kind of follow-up is happening; the officers point out that ongoing investigations can’t be discussed in any detail. Community Advisory Meetings: Third Thursday mornings of every month at 10 a.m. the Commander at District 6 holds a monthly Community Advisory Meeting for neighbors to address specific concerns. Location is 1566 Washington. A technology called ShotSpotter is in use by DPD. ShotSpotter can “hear” the difference between shots and fireworks and can pinpoint to within 15 feet the location of the shot. Denver Police are on Twitter @DenverPolice. The Community Crime map is useful: People wondered about what signs to look for to better understand what kinds of activity are happening in their neighborhood (e.g. gangs) but the officers said there’s not a particular sign to look for—just increased suspicious activity. Call it in. One participant disagreed that increased police presence has increased in neighborhoods where gunshots and drug deals are frequent (specifically the 22nd Street area). She is out in the neighborhood a lot, and doesn’t see police officers. District 6 phone: 720-913-2800 Community Resource Officer Austen Munson: 720-913-2906

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