Season’s Greetings and updates

The City Park West RNO met November 19th. Topics were the RNO’s immediate concerns (establishing and publicizing a regular meeting time and place TBD, identifying all current, active board members as part of updating our website; filing for 501C3 status). We also reviewed ongoing local issues and questions and considered our role in facilitating community communication. We set a loose agenda for our first meeting of 2019 (to be held January 16, 6-7 p.m. at the Vine Street Pub, 1700 Vine St, Denver, CO 80206. As the organization is still relatively new, your board is working hard to establish structural foundations while we begin advocating for more frequent and participatory community conversations and stronger relationships among residents, organizations and businesses and our city representatives. We wish you Happy Holidays, however you may choose to celebrate and spend these (surprisingly balmy) winter weeks ahead.

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September updates

IMG_1443September, 2018

Greetings! The CPW RNO board met at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at Thin Man/St. Mark’s Coffeehouse. In attendance were Mike Fatica, Janna Goodwin, Jo Untiedt, Allison Osborn, Patricia Chapman, Brendan Cady and Alyssa Knutson.

Part of the discussion concerned the RNO itself, which is renewing its membership, reviewing its structure and status…and finding its legs. Key questions involve incorporation (or not), fiscal management and neighborhood/member representation in related, City-wide organizations and initiatives.

CPW President Mike Fatica and Board Member Jo Unteidt recently met with District 9 Councilman Albus Brooks, who (among other things) advised participation by CPW/RNO members in Inter Neighborhood Cooperation (INC).

  • INC represents 20 RNOs and can strengthen our neighborhood’s communication with the City. We do not currently have representation on that body. They meet on the second Saturday each month.

Councilman Brooks also recommended that CPW encourage neighbors to familiarize themselves with Denveright and the Sherman Street proposed rezoning/development (and its impact the corridor on Sherman from Colfax to 20th Street)– and to get involved.

  • CPW/RNO will plan a community meeting to discuss the proposed rezoning and development (TBA, in October; watch for info on Facebook and for a flyer in your mailbox).

Other topics included a follow-up on a Denver Post story about the mitigation of groundwater concerns at the site of the City Park Golf Course project.

  • A letter to the CPW RNO from Director of Public Information Nancy Kuhn, Denver Public Works, confirmed that testing at the site revealed levels of manganese in groundwater that were below allowed levels for drinking water but higher than allowed for release into storm sewers (so the water is now being filtered). Low levels of uranium were found which did not exceed allowable levels for drinking water or for filtration, so the only filtering being done is for manganese. No information contradicted that which was reported in the Denver Post article and there appears to be no cause for concern.

Topics the board has not entered into in-depth but which have been on the table included:

  • The I-70 redevelopment impact on York St and the surrounding areas—how traffic has been negatively impacted, and also the noise variance.
  • The proposed redesign of the Dustin Redd playground in City Park

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Sherman Street View Plane boundary

Did you know about the City Park View plane and the proposed modifications? The historic view plain was “Created to preserve the municipality’s unique heritage as a city of the plains at the foot of the Rocky Mountains”. It might be referenced in your home purchase documentation if you live in City Park West. Download the presentation below to learn more. 180911_Sherman Street North-CHUN-Presentation-Sm  

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