Minutes from City Park West monthly meeting 3.18.2020

The 3.18 meeting was held on Zoom, an online meeting platform. For some reason, although the meeting was set up on Zoom to begin at 6, some folks logging in saw a 7 p.m. start time, so you might have logged on and been confused. We’ll try this again soon, get it to work for everyone, and may host more frequent meetings.

In virtual attendance: Jo Untiedt, Janna Goodwin, Alyssa Knutson, Scott Holder, Brendan Cady

In summary: While we’re still trying to paper the neighborhood with flyers about the East Central Area Plan, the timing is obviously bad now for neighbors to focus on non-urgent issues. Most of our meeting, we discussed how City Park West RNO might best help our local community in this global crisis.

While Nextdoor provides community information and resources, we are concerned about shut-ins– e.g. the elderly and disabled– who are not tech-savvy. Those who may not know how to use social media, or who might have an ipad but not realize its full power (or know how to download health, safety, communication or even entertainment apps to help get through these trying times).

We will post helpful links whenever we are made aware of them, and will also listen to those involved in coordinating volunteer efforts to learn how the City Park West RNO can be of service.

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