Facebook Livecast of the March 20 Mayoral Candidate Forum here

These candidates are on the 2019 ballot: Lisa Calderón Jamie Giellis Michael Hancock Kalyn Rose Heffernan Chairman Seku Penfield Tate The following candidate did not submit the required signatures to appear on the ballot but can still collect write-in votes: Kenneth Simpson All of the above appeared at the March 20 Mayoral Candidate Forum at Denver’s Manual High School auditorium. Here are the questions that were posed: What might you say to developers who propose projects that could bring in significant short-term money, but might not align with the long-term vision and needs of the City? What will you do to ensure that Denver’s neighborhoods remain in-tact during this time of growth? What is your plan for addressing the City’s transportation challenges, including increasing access to affordable, convenient, and environmentally friendly alternative transportation throughout the City? What specific policies would you advocate for to prevent displacement of longtime residents and small businesses as demographics change and property values increase? Denver’s recycling rate is significantly below the national average: What can the City do to address better recycling, composting, and trash collection? What are your views about crime in Central Denver, and how do you propose to keep our neighborhoods safe? What is your commitment to ending veteran and chronic homelessness in our community? Do you believe that is possible? The Facebook Live video of the event can be (somewhat seen– poor lighting– and easily heard) HERE. Thanks to all who participated!  

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